a little bit about us

s.l.o.w.s.t.r.e.e.t was born from a vision to make environmentally friendly, ethically made clothing more accessible and enjoyable to shop.

An alternative to the fast fashion high street.

Evelyn established s.l.o.w.s.t.r.e.e.t in 2020 for all those, like her, who want better options for their wardrobe. Stylish and sustainable pieces which can be enjoyed year after year.

It can be overwhelming and time consuming to navigate sustainable fashion, so we have done all of the hard work, searching high and low for the most stylish and responsible brands.

At s.l.o.w.s.t.r.e.e.t you will find a selection of positive impact clothing brands which have been chosen because they have environmental and social values at the heart of what they do. Some are better at production and some better at materials and energy management, but they are all constantly striving to do things differently and better. 

When we choose brands, we think about the fabrics they use, their approach to labor practices, production processes, waste and energy management. We select pieces which have been made with care for our planet and the people who craft them, so that your clothes will make you feel great and last for a long time.

The s.l.ow.s.t.r.e.e.t moto is clothes for keeping because when you have quality, environmentally friendly clothes which have been made by happy people, you will want to cherish them forever.